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A friend saw some of my recent sketches and pointed me to the work of Etel Adnan for inspiration. A 91 year old poet and painter, Adnan did not come to be appreciated in the ~Art World~ until late in her life. She has been writing and creating images for decades. Perusing her work on Artsy, it is amazing to see how the colors and forms, gestures and shapes speak to each other through the years of her work. Her style changes and it stays the same.

Some of her thoughts on images and the way we interact with and perceive them:

So the word image is very elastic. It’s a very rich concept. Although we are bombarded with images, our culture is anti-image. We think we don’t like it; it’s not fashionable. That is why Surrealism exists: it intends to amplify the image, to force us to see it. Andy Warhol understood that we are surrounded by so many things, and people, that we do not see them. We are rather blinded by them. So he forced our attention on soup cans and Marilyn Monroe.

— Etel Adnan, Bomb Magazine interview


All images via Artsy.

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