Here's a lil' comic I created for something else and now I'm posting it here! It's essentially about me surviving the hol...
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Hey, Holidays! What's Up?

It's Christmas Eve! I'm just popping in to share some snaps from a recent small gathering with friends. Back in our hometown for...
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Currently Loving / Cool Girls On Youtube

I know it's supposed to be a musical interpretation of the 'cool girl' passage from Gone Girl— which is super clear re: t...
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Wearing / Takeout Tee

THRIFTED pin / MANGO skirt / FOREVER 21 jacket / TARGET tennies Ya'll may know that I LOVE to eat , so naturall...
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VIBIN' / Princess Nokia ❤

So I've been really inspired lately by women (esp. of color) in, on, and around the internet. I first came across Destiny Frasqueri, ...
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Burger Pickin' / Lenny's Burger

Another burger review, Maria? Yes! I am the burger queen! Even though, truly, after I eat a nice juicy piece of medium cooked meat pl...
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My Art Making Process

I generally find it interesting/helpful to see how certain artists make work, so today I'm going to share a bit about my art + creati...
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