Interior Files / Entryway Thrifted Mirror Wall

UM SO, we bought a house? I mentioned that we were in the process  of doing so a few posts ago, I think. But, um, we're in it nowwww...
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Twin Peaking

Is Twin Peaks my favorite television show? I don't know. But watching through it again after a 3-year gap was a hell of a good tim...
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The Greatest Love Of All

It all started Tuesday morning when my friend Zack posted this caption on Instagram: Listen to the Greatest Love Of All as many time...
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10 Things / The Transitions Edition

Hey! πŸ‘‹ I've been gone for a bit, so I'm jumping back in to share an ✨ u p d a t e ✨! / 10 THINGS 1. We're movin...
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