Twin Peaking

Is Twin Peaks my favorite television show? I don't know. But watching through it again after a 3-year gap was a hell of a good time.

My husband and I started watching it early in January, after hearing a clip of Donald Glover describe his TV series, Atlanta, as "Twin Peaks with rappers." I thought: YES! and Wow, I miss that show. I had to strongly persuade Charlie—who would rather read than watch through an episode of practically anything—to watch all 30 episodes with me.

Luckily, the Twin Peaks aesthetic—the soundtrack! that color palette! those outfits! the murder plot!—pulled him in and kept him (mostly) intrigued until the end. My memory is a joke, but as we watched, I found myself remembering specific scenes that had stuck with me from my first watch. I really do love the show, even more more so on second watch.

At some point this year, I'd love to read The Secret History of Twin Peaks and obviously I can't wait for Season 3 (!!!) to premiere this May. I'm not ready to leave the dark, quirky world of Twin Peaks just yet. Don't even get me started on how pumped I am to watch Fire Walk With Me soon with friends! *screams*

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