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Hey! Happy Wednesday, friends! I promise: this won't a photo-heavy post reliving my weekend—that's coming later this week. No, today I wanted to share a little about what I've been up to lately, and a new monthly feature on the blog.

Make + Share is an extension of me and my ideal world. I want to be able to make things, make whatever my heart + brain come up with ... and then share it! Obviously, this isn't a novel concept. So I wanted to create a feature that highlights other people—crafty, creative, artistic people—that are making dope shit and sharing it online.


Lol, you say, isn't everyone and their mom doing that? Um, sure, but like, this is a cute, curated collection featuring people I think are cool. And obviously my taste is the best so you won't want to miss this, okay? Okay! Let's begin.


So, ya'll remember how I started making yarn tapestries + weavings, right? *Lil Uzi Vert voice* Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah! Well, it's more than a hobby, it's now a bit of an obsession. So I opened an Etsy shop (name change coming soon, hopefully) and started an Instagram for my #weaving journey. It's only just begun, but you can find me @makeandcollect sharing my woven experiments, beauties, and mistakes.

Natch, the first installment of Make + Share features 8 different #weaversofinstagram, doing their thing. It's honestly hard to pick just 8, but no big because I'll probably end up including at least one weaver in every future M + S post. Later, skaters! Enjoy. 


Love love love her work! It's super inspiring to me since I love creating colorscapes, (landscapes made of color) and her work embodies that nicely. She also make very nice macrame tapestries. Another handmade hobby I would like to explore soon.

One word: G O A L S. Her work makes me want to learn more techniques (and quick!) so that I can really push creative + artistic limits in my weavings.


I hate this word, but I'm'a say it anyway ... swoon. What dreamy macrame creations!

A post shared by meghan bogden shimek (@meghanshimek) on


Love her work and the materials she uses. Definitely inspiring. Truly works of art!


I remember seeing Jeannie's art on Urban Outfitters and instantly being in love. She is one of the reasons I finally started weaving. Her works are fluffy, and perfectly achieve a colorful + bohemian, yet minimal aesthetic.


What'd ya think? Who are some of your favorite creative people on Instagram that you think I should feature?

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